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"The House of the Hortensias"

The Casa da Hortensias was also the home of Bela (which means beautiful) and her husband Viriato - your friendly hosts at the home. They converted their former family vineyard cottage into a fine bed and breakfast establishment with few rooms and loads of personal attention.

Traditional arts and crafts, fine embroidery and a touch of comfortable homely ambience inspired the warmth and well lit interiors of the home. Each room has its own private well equipped and well lit bathroom. The two double beds in two of the three bedrooms are family heirlooms and have been sleeping the family for generations. In the rear bedroom two large twin beds are provided for guests who prefer not to sleep in double beds. The mattresses are fresh and new, but the old family touch of care and love remains in the frame and head set. Old antique furniture and well preserved clothing cabinets, bed side lamps and homemade drapes accomplish a texture of authentic Madeiran taste unlike any other seen in many of the Madeiran bed and breakfast establishments. Everything is well preserved, clean, and ordered.


For bookings or any enquiries please contact us by clicking on the link: casadashortensias@madeira-island.com



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